"It was selfish of me to say that you never loved me. But it was just as selfish of you to pretend that you ever did."

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This is the chemical formula for love:

dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin.

It can be easily manufactured in a lab, but overdosing on any of them can cause schizophrenia, extreme paranoia, and insanity.

Let that sink in.”


*trips over pet* parkour

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you act like your so fucking innocent. like you didnt do anything wrong. you cheated on her and then get mad when she wont take you back? it doesnt work that why you know. she never did that to you.

okay first of all im gonna need grey faces like you to stop acting like you knew what the fuck happened in my relationship. we never bloged about our relationship.i mean ofcourse there were pictures but thats it. you know solange really got yall fooled with this good girl act cus thats not her. nobody know shit about our relationship but me and her. so unless ur her you cant tell me shit. and yes, i flirted with another girl but thats as far as it went. a girl that i had no feelings for what so ever. i flirted, thats it. now dont get me wrong, what i did was in no way right. if she did it i would be hurt but i wouldnt leave. i would have stayed and tried to fight for my relationship. like i had been doing for a year and half. see what nobody isseeming to understand is before all this, solange fucked up constantly for a year. but i stayed by her side and fought for my relationship even when i didnt know how it could work. but i did it becuase i love her and i understand that shit happens, ppl make mistakes. the things she did were ten xs worse then what i did. and she knows that. so yes i can get upset when i stayed by someone side thru thick and thin, all there faults, all there fuck ups giving them chance after chance and they cant give that to me. yea i can get mad when someone treats you shity for a year and a half and as soon as you mess up they wanna act so perfect. so yea you dont know shit about us. try asking her all the shit she did then see if im being an ass.

Are you trying to say she cheated to?

Im trying to say she never wanted it and was looking for a way out that wouldn’t make her look like an ass. And she found it.

Im soo fucking dumb! I cant believe i didnt see it before. Omg. And here I was torturing myself, constantly making myself feel guilty. When you were no better. I cant believe I put up with all the shit and stayed so long with someone who never wanted it. When you want it you fight, and you never did. And I could never see. But now I see. I get it.